House in a garden

Project: Residence

Location: Bangalore

Site area: 5686 SFT

Status: Under construction

Design: Studio Motley

Our passion for material expression and detailing is expressed in this luxurious second house for Mr. and Mrs. Shah in Epsilon layout. The client is passionate about gardening and desired a home that is close to nature. The spread out site area of 12000 square feet in a gated layout set out an opportunity for a sprawling design looking into its well laid out rear garden space. The heart of the design is an open kund space which can be viewed from all its rooms. Since it is a home for socialising, the living room is expressed as a special double height glass box surrounded by waterbody and separated from the rest of the private parts of the house by a delicately carved out bridge. Materials such as wire cut bricks and stone cladding lend an earthy character to the design environment.