Police Memorial

Project: Police Memorial Competition

Location: Delhi

Site area: 6 Acres

Status: Completed

Design: Ruchi Patel, Isha Kamdar

The design approach was laid out as a contemplative walk along the axis from the circle to the centre where the large sculpturesque obelisks were placed and walk continuing to the other end of the site. The idea being the site is not a destination but a part of the activity of people coming to the area. The first part of this walk begins from a pedestrian entry plaza located at the circle. Sculpturesque seaters aligned with granite cladded detailed obelisks were designed demarcating the boundary of the paved plaza and entry to the memorial garden. The intermediate commemorative walk in the memorial garden consists of walls etched with memories of the police martyrs along with spread out seating. The destination is the group of monumental sculptures juxtaposed in the centre of a water body etching a memory of the martyrs.