Institution at Tharangambadi

Project: School, Vocational Training Centre, Community Hall

Location: Tharangambadi, Tamil Nadu

Site area: 24000 SFT

Client: HOPE Foundation

Status: Completed

Design: Hundredhands

This Institute was commissioned by efforts of HOPE Foundation for relief works after the Tsunami in 2004. The Institute at Tharangambadi comprises of a primary school, a vocational training center and a community hall laid out on a four acre site. The diverse functions entailed that all the buildings are located at a distance from each other. Laid out in a rural context with large amount of land available, the school is designed as a linear spread out building with a small court in the centre. The classrooms are spacious with their own verandah spaces for informal spill out. The budget entailed the design approach to be a cost-effective construction. The classrooms are well lit and ventilated eliminating the need for any artificial cooling or lighting. Studies were done with extensive model making.